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Modern Breakfast Bowls

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls topped with fresh fruits, nuts, and superfoods. Rich in protein, healthy carbs, and superfoods to give you energy all day long. A Yogurt Bar is perfect for entertaining. Includes a list of popular topping ideas plus favorite flavor combinations. It will become a breakfast favorite!

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The Classic Acai Bowl

The Classic Acai Bowl | Modern Granola | The perfect acai bowl recipe that is so good, you won't know what to do with yourself. For real! Click through to get the recipe! #acai

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Hidden Animal Cereal Bowls

awesome ceramic cereal bowl. available in three different animals - wolf, bird, and cat. $317

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Modern ceramic breakfast bowl handmade in polygons - Poligon bowl - Grey

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How Many Of These Superfoods Have You Tried?

When it comes to what you eat, are you consuming the best? We compiled the ultimate list of superfoods to show you what the world has to offer for your health. Swipe to the right if you've eaten the specified superfood. Swipe left if you have yet to try it.

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Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls with Toppings by Modern Honey. Healthy Greek Yogurt topped with fresh fruits, nuts, and honey. It's a perfect breakfast to start the day!

White Smoothie Bowl with Autumn Fruit

White Smoothie Bowl with Autumn Fruit. Excellent healthy choice for breakfast OR an afternoon snack. / The Modern Proper persimmons, pears, black sesame seeds, coconut, almond

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Post-Workout Green Smoothie

This healthy Post-Workout Green Smoothie recipe is chocked full of simple ingredients that will give you a delicious energy boost after a good workout!

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My Industrial Look Kitchen Island (and that time I messed up

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