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Feline-Shaped Cat Caves Are a Stylishly Quirky Alternative to Conventional Pet Beds

Agnes Felt's colorful felted “cat caves” provide your feline with cozy places to sleep and stalk while incorporating a stylish, modern pet accessory into your home.

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Handcrafted Modern Cat Beds from Pup & Kit

Toronto-based Pup & Kit offers some of the most beautiful modern pet furniture on the market, including this geometric hideaway that doubles as a side table. What a beautiful addition to any home! They also have a few different styles of open beds made from solid woods with cushions using natural soy-based foam. Each piece is... Read More

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Modern Cat House Etsy seller ModernMews designed this bad boy, which doubles as a low end table or night stand.

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Modern cat bed/safe cat cave/cat house/happy cat cave (With GIFT pad)

Modern cat bed/safe cat cave/cat house/happy cat cave от elevele

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Window Cat Bed, Cat Bed, Cat Cot, Cat Hammock, Cat Furniture, Modern Cat Bed, Designer Cat Bed, Window Perch, 15" by 22.5", Ready to Ship

Hilary’s DIY Window Perches With Cozy Fleece Beds

DIY Cat Window Perches. This website is full of DIY ideas for your cat. Love it

Wicked wall cat bed. #cat #furniture #modern here to find out…

Modern Cat Bed. Modern Cat Furniture. Fabric Cat Cave. The Cat Ball Cat Bed. Black and White Cat Bed

The Cat Ball® is our original hexagonal pet bed design, made in am abstract black and white fabric with an abstract striped lining. These fabrics are

Cat Canoe Modern Cat Bed in Sage Green and Ivory - Made in Washington

Modern cat bed/safe cat cave/cat house/happy cat cave (With GIFT pad)