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Modern Dance Silhouettes

Modern Dance Silhouettes Vector EPS, AI Illustrator. Download here:

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Martha Graham Graham identified a method of breathing and impulse control she called "contraction and release." For her, movement originated in the tension of a contracted muscle, and continued in the flow of energy released from the body as the muscle relaxed. This method of muscle control gave Graham's dances and dancers a hard, angular look, one that was very unfamiliar to dance audiences used to the smooth, lyrical bodily motions of Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis.

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Breathtaking Portraits Capture Ballet's Finest Dancing on the Streets of New York

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Why go barefoot when you can protect your feet? Check out the Full Body FootUndeez ! Style #H07FB

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Modern Dance History Unit -Loïe Fuller (1862-1928) American pioneer of modern dance and theatrical lighting (holder of many chemical compound patents). Her dance improvisation, inspired innovation in Isadora Duncan and Ruth St Denis. photo by Isaiah West Taber (1897) ~ KSM

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modern dance group comprised of 8 dancers ages 60-88. (not ballet but I can't help it, have to pin!)

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