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Because it's just too difficult to leave the TV while you get a snack.

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Vintage Blue Oxfordware Pitcher Cork Lined Stopper Slim Circle Shape w/ Handle and Spout Art Deco Refrigerator Serving Pitcher Bottle

Blue Oxfordware Pitcher Cork Lined Stopper Slim Circle Shape w/ Handle and Spout Mid Century Modern Refrigerator Serving Pitcher Refrigerator

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Mid Century Modern, Refrigerator Magnets, Mid Century Modern Decor, Mid Century Magnets, Catherine Holm, MCM Magnets, Fridge Magnets, MCM

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The Vintage Kitchen: Appliances 1905–1930

What appears to be a restored, vintage icebox is actually a three-sided cabinet of oak paneling built by the homeowner to conceal a modern refrigerator. The dishwasher, too, is hidden in cabinets. Photo by Bill Ticinito.

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Modern refrigerator display control panel ... Household Objects/Equipment, aluminum, appliance, button, choice, close-up, cold, control, control pannel, cycle, digital display, digital timer, freon, frozen, knob, led, low key, nobody, objects/equipment, push button, refrigerator, silver, timer

Exciting Soapstone Countertops For Elegant Kitchen Design: Modern Kitchen Design With Soapstone Countertops And Floating Shelves Plus Modern Refrigerator

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A Modern Refrigerator Pickle

Modern Refrigerator Pickles - pickling cucumbers, yellow pepper, red pepper, jalapeno, filtered water, ACV

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Since the day of the modern refrigerator there hasn't been much of a need for ice cube trays. Instead of leaving them lying around in a cabinet, try one of these quick and fun tricks.

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