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the Scottish forerunner to our modern utensils. Spatulas, stir- fryers, mixers; things that go under food and move it around all started this way, as a simple spurtle. This happens to be Scottish. They made them for their porridge and was their main cooking utensil. Because of it's curved, smooth surface, it is shaped for both moving food around, and for scraping the food off on the side of your vessel. Spurtle means 'peasant's sword' or 'saber'.


Walnut Spatula

Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design, Max and Abigail create products that celebrate craftsmanship in the modern home. Tactile hand carved wooden spatula, made from reclaimed Walnut. An elegant shape that can withstand daily use in the kitchen as Walnut is a particularly hard and robust wood.


A true modern classic with it's clean lines and rich materials.

Victorian Gothic Ring Dark Seas Swarovski Crystal


Jewelry by Vanessa Gade

Jewelry by Vanessa Gade San Francisco-based metalsmith and designer Vanessa Gade’s jewelry is so good that I could easily go broke buying every single piece she’s designed. Her work has that clean and minimalist aesthetic that is a modern design lover’s dream. Clean lines and simple forms are the base of each piece with beautiful craftsmanship and interesting designs to boot.