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In 1936 the first modern trampoline was built. It was created by George Nissen and Larry Griswold. One was gymnast and the other was a tumbler. The trampoline consists of a strong fabric that is pulled over a steal frame with springs to hold it in place. Nissen says that the name came from the Spanish work which means diving. Today the trampoline is not simply used for gymnast or tumblers but also for children of all ages.

George Nissen inventor of the modern trampoline jumps with a kangaroo during a publicity stunt in Central Park New York 1960 [1000 x 1327] #HistoryPorn #history #retro


This is left-Mia and right-Lily. They are 15. They are best friends. The love roller coasters, theme parks, water parks, trampoline parks, laser tag, bowling, and glow in the dark mini golf. They love to have fun. Adopted by Kirsten Wright:)


Hi all i introduce a new font, Melika script. Melika script is copperplate handwritten with stylish modern free flowing up and down as if playing jumping on a trampoline but still beautiful with its simplicity. Especially long lines add elegance.  Melika script very personal present to you a dynamic, energetic and simple. Melika Script is suitable for weddings, invitations, greeting cards, quotes, posters, branding, name card, etc. Melika Script come complete wit


Fencing with a Sunken trampoline with wet pour rubber safety surround. by Clipper Garden Services

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23 Amazing Recycling Ideas That Will Revive Your Old Stuff In Your Home

Repurposed trampoline. Yes.


Red Creeping Thyme. Grows 3 inches tall max so very neat--no mowing needed ever. Beautiful fresh lemony scent. gorgeous with lavender. Perennial; repels mosquitoes; can grow as entire lawn.


Although modern trampolines are available in various shapes, round trampoline and rectangular trampoline are the most popular choices. Most of the people..

Liz is 14 and is very shy!!! She likes to keep to herself and loves to be comfy and cozy!!! Please Adopt!!


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