Mohawk Pull through braid I will be doing this to Malis hair today!

I might be a little obsessed about the Pull Through Braid 🙈 I seem to post it a lot! Oh well so here's another one but how could I resist with this little cuties gorgeous hair?

Half Braid Tutorial

Half Braid Tutorial + Video hairstyle tutorial Included

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Hair and Make-up by Steph

Braided Mohawk - This is a hairstyle that works on not only long hair but medium length and shorter hair too. Love her pink hair! Maybe for Jenny's wedding

Mohawk braid pony ⚡️

These ponytail hairstyles will be of great help as they are extremely practical and still look cute. Moreover, with our ideas of sporty ponytails you will be able to walk out of the gym and run your errands not worrying about your hairstyle.

Can't find the right hairstyle for your hair type and length? Tired of regular old buns and braids? Desperately want to try out something new and never seen before? Don't be afraid to experiment and mix styles! These 14 creative and original ideas will help you liven up your everyday look as well as catch everyone's eye at a fancy gathering. What's best, all of them come with easy to follow step by step instructions which means you don't need to be a style expert to do them.

14 Bold & Unique Hairstyle Tutorials You Can Do At Home

Mohawk braid half updo

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A hair tutorial for this style

Faux hawk hairstyle synonymous with men. What if women use? The Faux Hawk is a cool hairstyle. Not only men, many women who wear this hairstyle. Faux hawk is an

How to make Mohawk Braid Top Knot hairstyle

How to make Mohawk Braid Top Knot hairstyle