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By Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 1920, Ramp, ink & watercolor.


By László Moholy-Nagy (1894-1946), 1923, Bauhaus Ausstellung Weimar. (Postcard)


László Moholy-Nagy At the Bauhaus designers such as Laslo Moholy Nagy, Herbert Bayer and Joost Schmidt sought to codify a set of rational principles for graphic design practice through their endorsement of sans-serif typography, asymmetrical compositions and rectangular fluid grids, a preference for photography over illustration, and the promotion of standardised paper sizes.

László Moholy-Nagy - Hand Photogram, He was fascinated by light throughout his career, and photograms offered the opportunity to experiment with the subtlety of light and shade. To create the photogram, he laid everyday objects on light-sensitive paper before exposing them to light. 1926

László Moholy-Nagy, Construction Z 1, 1922-1923 Bauhaus Archive / Museum of Design, Berlin (2921)

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Architectur I. Art Experience NYC