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So what does all of this mean? Molar pregnancy 101

Molar Pregnancy - So this pregnancy was a partial molar pregnancy, or a partial hydatidiform molar pregnancy. There are two types of molar pregnancies: complete moles, and partial moles. In the complete mole, there is no genetic information in the egg, and the sperm fertilizes it and makes a copy of its own genetic material, so there are 46 chromosomes, but they are all from Mr. Swimmer. That type of pregnancy develops into a massive placenta that looks like a snowstorm on an ultrasound…

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#germcells #complete #hydatidiform #mole not #choriocarcinoma yet. A complete mole is a #fertilized #egg but has missing #chromosomes or #dna and therefore development stops at the forming of the #placenta creating #abnormal #cells leaving it open to possibly turn #malignant #cancer #grape like

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Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps

These Turkey Taco Lettuce Wraps are a delicious and low carb meal to start your year off right!

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Information, personal stories, and support groups for women with molar pregnancy and related conditions.

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sarmentohousewife: The Fear behind a Molar Pregnancy

A molar pregnancy is when a normal fetus is not formed after fertilization. Learn about diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

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