A listing of the different types of mold and associated characteristics and health risks of each.

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Is Toxic Mold Exposure the Cause of Your Symptoms? Are you one of the many people unknowingly living or working in water damaged building?

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Allergies are becoming more common in relation to environmental factors, food additives, diet, digestion, body chemistry, addiction, yeast, molds and parasites. Asthma, migraines, arthritis, ulcers and obesity have all been linked to allergies and how, left untreated, they can lead to serious degenerative disease.

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5 Things You Should Know About Toxic Mold Illness. The awareness of toxic mold’s effect on human health has increased dramatically over the past few years. But #mold is only one of the many biotoxins found in water-damaged buildings, and the illness caused by exposure to these #toxins is much more complex than most clinicians and patients assume.

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Mold Allergies: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Mold Allergy Symptoms

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mold allergies symptoms treatments http://www.viadeo.com/es/profile/homeopatia-unicista.cordoba-ciudad-argentina-tel.-0351-4210847.

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Could Mold Be the Cause of Health Problems? Amazing story - One family’s battle with black mold symptoms, how they found out where it was all coming from, and what they did once they knew.

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This culprit could be the cause of many problems including fatigue, headaches, chronic sinus infections and much more. Make sure you know how to protect yourself!

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