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The wavefunctions associated with the bound states of an electron in a hydrogen atom can be seen as the eigenvectors of the hydrogen atom Hamiltonian as well as of the angular momentum operator. They are associated with eigenvalues interpreted as their energies (increasing downward: {\displaystyle n=1,2,3,\ldots } ) and angular momentum (increasing across: s, p, d, ...). The illustration shows the square of the absolute value of the wavefunctions. Brighter areas correspond to higher…


Shaw Media, operator of Canada’s Global Television, faced the challenge of sustaining audience interest in the FOX supernatural series "Touch” for the 58 days between the show’s preview episode and its premiere. Shaw Media asked Networked Insights for help in understanding how to sustain momentum.

Announcing Netcall as a Gold Sponsor of Customer Engagement Day South, 27th June 2013 -

A set of thirteen glossy 10x15 cm postcards from various artworks (2011) :"The After Hours" "Joyride" "Lay Asteroid" "Automatic Girlfriend" "Angular Momentum" "Magical Geographic" "The Operator" "The First Continent" "Concerto for two rifles and bird" "Together" "The End of the World Fanclub" "Tutorials" "Everlasting Gaze"


Apple Stores get in on the iPhone trade-in action

Recycle program on website. Old iPhones, depending upon the model, can garner from $150 to $350. Make more on Craigslist.

from The Daily Beast

15M T-Mobile Customers Exposed in Hack