EASTERN/Mongol/ Parts of a Mongolian Ger: (1) collapsible latticework walls (2) straight roof planks (3) smoke hole (4) felt or wool covering (5) central fireplace (6) central support poles (7) fireplace stand (8) large iron pot (9) "dombo"- tall wooden container for tea (10) stools (11) "chagata"- rope braided between the uni and resembling lamb intestines, is a symbol of wealth and prosperity (12) small bag of grain and wool tufts as a sacrifice to the guardian spirit of the hearth.

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The ölzii, or never-ending knot, is a traditional Mongolian motif symbolizing the dynamic expanse of the universe and the endless cycles of life and death. It brings long life and prosperity, and drives away wild beasts and evil spirits. This symbol is used widely in Mongolia as decorative art and the pattern for the quilt, including the border, was taken from the door of a Mongolian ger (yurt). You may use either a dark ... pattern here…

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Google Image Result for http://mongolianger.com/yahoo_site_admin/assets/images/DoorFullweb.294145201_std.jpg

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I want a ger and I want it to be authentic. The furniture MUST be unmistakably Mongolian! :)

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