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Monica Lewinsky's famous blue gap dress as it was entered as it was presented by Kenneth Starr's investigators during their investigation into the Clinton Presidency.


Monica Lewinsky strikes a pose at the Vanity Fair Oscar party

Monica Lewinsky wore a strapless black dress, gold pumps and carried a black clutch as she arrived to the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday night


Stop judging Monica Lewinsky

Robbins: Stop judging Monica Lewinsky...I never once felt it was right what the did to her.. neither did my family or circle of friends. He stepped out of his marriage. ..and I have never felt it right that the message Hillary gave by sticking it out for political gain was sending a good message. Our nation as a whole bullied this woman and had no right to do so...and everyone wonders why kids and adults do this to other human's appalling.

Monica Lewinsky Launches Anti-Cyberbullying Emoji Initiative

1998 - LEWINSKY SCANDAL. President Clinton was impeached after an investigation found a sexual relationship between Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky (22) in 1995. One piece of evidence was Lewinsky's blue dress.


'I could take all my clothes off': Never-before-heard tape released of 'Monica Lewinsky pleading with Bill Clinton to meet her'

Secretary of State John Kerry plans to sign a controversial U.N. treaty on arms regulation on Wednesday, a senior State Department official told Fox News -- despite warnings from lawmakers that the Senate will not ratify the agreement.


Monica Lewinsky Admits: I Was ‘Suicidal’ After Bill Clinton Affair

New Monica Lewinsky web series challenges public perceptions lingering from ... Monica Lewinsky #MonicaLewinsky


Painter Says He Included Monica Lewinsky's Dress In Bill Clinton's Official Portrait

Painter Says He Included Monica Lewinsky's Dress In Bill Clinton's Official Portrait - BuzzFeed News