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Monica lewinsky husband

Remember Hillary quote, "This is a vast right-wing conspiracy against us." She has known since Bill's days as Arkansas governor that her husband had affairs, but she not only continued to lie and cover up and spin, but tried to Blame the Right for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. WORST!! - she Maliciously & Deliberately did Everything she COULD to RUIN the LIVES of those women who were involved with Bill!!!


Exclusive: Monica Lewinsky Writes About Her Affair with President Clinton

I’ve seen this one floating around the past couple of days and I feel that in the interest of accuracy and fairness I should point out that it really didn’t make a difference. She stood by her meal...


Bill Clinton Bombed Saddam To Distract From The Monica Lewinsky Scandal: What Huma Abedin's Muslim journal claimed about her boss's husband


News about "Monica Lewinsky" on Twitter but always the woman who gets bashed and shamed. The husband can sleep with 20 women other than his wife but yet the woman is scum! Rich!


Trump refers to Monica Lewinsky and Clinton's sexual abilities being unable to satisfy her husband...why is Clinton's sexual abilities at all important?

Monica Lewinsky is set to write a tell-all book about her affair with Bill Clinton, including her intimate love letters to him


Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and hearthrob Monica Lewinsky, three of the woman involved with Bill Clinton during his "Bimbo Eruptions". To her credit, Paula Jones successfully sued Bill Clinton. There are many, many others, some too traumatized and/or afraid to talk about what happened when they "encountered" Bill Clinton. He was ultimately impeached but remains an idol to all Democrats and continues to pose as husband to Hillary who continues to pose as wife to Bill.


Documents reveal Hillary Clinton’s private reaction to her husband's cheating scandal with Monica Lewinsky

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Huma magazine: Bill bombed Saddam to distract from Monica scandal

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton bombed Saddam to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook