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Monica Lewinsky Husband

Remember Hillary quote, "This is a vast right-wing conspiracy against us." She has known since Bill's days as Arkansas governor that her husband had affairs, but she not only continued to lie and cover up and spin, but tried to Blame the Right for the Monica Lewinsky scandal. WORST!! - she Maliciously & Deliberately did Everything she COULD to RUIN the LIVES of those women who were involved with Bill!!!

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Exclusive: Monica Lewinsky Writes About Her Affair with President Clinton

Liberal women honor and respect Hillary. If they had any brains in their heads they would be repulsed by a woman who remains loyal and turned a blind eye to her husband who is an indiscriminate womanizer. He lied to the nation and she smiled and accepted it. She is not a leader


Hillary is using Alicia Machado to create a fake war on women by Trump. What about her blatant war on women?


Favorite Chandler Moment → His speech about wanting a kid. Chandler is arguably the wittiest character on the show and he has certainly had his fair share of hilarious one-liners, many of which I contemplated choosing as my favourite Chandler moment. But I ultimately chose this scene because it reminds me of how much Chandler grew in the ten years of this show. When Friends started, Chandler’s only defining characteristic was that he was completely afraid of commitment and emotion. There…


chandler and monica, I want a relationship like theirs

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24 Ways Monica And Chandler Ruined All Other Relationships For You

This is my all time favorite Friends episode. . . There's normal Chandler and then there's picture Chandler. . . So funny!!


UNCOVERED ABC FOOTAGE SHOWS BILL CLINTON GROPING AN ASSISTANT BEFORE REALIZING THE CAMERA IS ON Placing your hand between the legs of a woman in a skirt who's not your wife is a grope


Monica Lewinski (by Tom Richmond)...Bill did not have sex with that woman!!! Bahahaha...