1910 set of 3 moon craters original antique astronomy prints of the moon surface. $20.50, via Etsy.

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Moon - with it's magic medicine of cycles, strong enough to pull our ocean tides and affect women's menstruation timing. www.ShamanicReiki.ca

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Plato and the Lunar Alps ~ The dark-floored, 95 kilometer wide crater Plato and sunlit peaks of the lunar Alps (Montes Alpes) are highlighted in this sharp digital snapshot of the Moon's surface. The prominent straight feature cutting through the mountains near the bottom of this image is the lunar Alpine Valley (Vallis Alpes). The tallest of the lunar Alps, it reaches over 3 kilometers above the surface.

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Buzz Aldrin--on the moon--1969 ... the greatest achievement of humankind ...

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Apollo 17 mission, exploring the moon. #The moon #Apollo 17 astronaut lunomobil. http://www.mindblowingpicture.com/wallpaper/space/wp2tqj47.html

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Moon Crater Print Dress - high impact, photographic printed fashion; textural surfaces // Ana Locking Fall 2014

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