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Moonwater is imbued with the energy of the Full or New Moon. It is great for many spells, for ritual drink on full moons or Sabbats, or just for a little extra Goddess energy. Use a glass bottle/jar filled with water left under the moon overnight (a garden or a window sill will do fine) . Add a blessing: “Blessed Moon lend your strength and courage to the water I make this night. May it be filled with your ever lasting love and healing power.


mix 3 of your favorites.. let it settle under the full moon. - Full Moon Oil (have same oil, except I used 3 drops for sandalwood, vanilla and jasmine, and 9 drops of the rose oil- power of three)


Harvesting Miracles at the Pisces Full Moon - Your House Forecast

What if your symptoms, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, were just your heart and soul trying to tell you something?


How to make Full Moon Water...just get a clear large glass jar and fill with distilled water. Place your favorite (no porous/toxic) gemstones in the water. I used rose quartz and clear crystal quartz. Place the jar out at night under the full moon and let the water charge. Use the water for Spiritual cleansing or cleaning around the home.


Nothing is better than the feeling of sand, wind, and water on naked flesh under a full moon. On the beach!!!