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IT'S A SEX PANIC!: The Yes Means Yes Show — Did you hear? Young people are doing sex things with their newfangled technology. EVERYBODY FREAK OUT!!!! Jaclyn is joined by Tina Horn, writer, educator and host of Why Are People Into That?! to talk about the latest youth sexting “scandal” to hit the bigtime, the very real perils of moral panic, and the name of [...]

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Truth About Video Games

Although moral panics by some subsets of Christianity have rallied against newer forms of entertainment, this is far from a universally held opinion by devout Christians. || Image Source:

How Mainstream Emo Made Us Talk About Mental Health - Noisey

Doomcast#23 By RagnaRok by DOOM NATION | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Marilyn Manson and Moral Panic: Marilyn Manson is often negatively represented in the mainstream media as he is perceived as deviant due to his use of style – black clothing and heavy makeup and satanic worshiping song lyrics. Due to this use of style and his appearance, Marilyn Manson was perceived as a threat to wider society’s values, which meant a moral panic occurred.


Bicycles Cause Lesbians: The 26 Weirdest Moral Panics Ever

Bicycles Cause Lesbians: The 26 Weirdest Moral Panics Ever |

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Women And Children First: Technology And Moral Panic

Rooney, B. (2011). Women And Children First: Technology And Moral Panic, Wall Street Journal (blog)


Moral panics are a key concept when discussing youth subcultures. They can help to understand the process behind how it is we view and understand different events. This theory by Cohen can also be used to identify how and why it is we have certain images of different groups of young people. This pin has been included to illustrate the idea and process of moral panics.


Nicotine//Panic! at the Disco