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FRENCH MINISTER says “Britain has a moral responsibility to take the illegal alien Muslin invaders off our hands” -

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Incoming Missouri Legislator Says Fellow Democratic Candidate Raped Her

"I felt a moral responsibility to speak out. The idea or the thought of me trying to just bury it is one I could not live with."

St. Aurelius Augustine of Hippo (354-430). He became the best known Christian philosopher prior to the Middle ages. His philosophy is a loose adaptation of Plato to the requirements of Christianity. In order to reconcile the idea that God is good with the evil that obviously exists in the world, he turned to the concept of free will and our personal responsibility for sin. He emphasized intentions over actions when it comes to assigning moral responsibility.

As a human being I acknowledge that my well-being depends on caring for others well-being is a moral responsibility -- Dalai Lama ... #dancingwithdamien #thedamien #lifequotes #quotestoliveby #wordstoliveby #life #quotesonlife #living #wellbeing #humanity #happiness #dalailama

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Tam Beauty Haul from Freedom Makeup and Makeup Revolution (Beauty Geek)

Every few months I like to treat myself to a Makeup Revolution haul, mostly because I don’t think I have enough make-up and I feel it’s my moral responsibility to address this…Being the queen of self-

Our moral responsibility is not to stop future, but to shape it... to channel our destiny in humane directions and to ease the trauma of transition. Picture Quotes.

Who Among Us Is There Left To Blame? Punishing the Ghosts of Our Past and Reliving the Transgressions of a Fallen Empire.//A Short Discourse on the Modern Turkish Republic and the Question of Moral Responsibility of Financial Reparations and Territorial Restitution for the Republic of Armenia and its Diaspora. #Armenia #Turkish #Ottoman #gente #people #genocide #reparations #accountability #TurkishRepublic #HrantDink #OttomanEmpire #history by Asli Omur


Working-Class Whites Have Moral Responsibilities -- In Defense of Kevin Williamson

from Salon

Did Anderson Cooper have a moral responsibility to come out?

Did Anderson Cooper have a moral responsibility to come out? In a real-time debate, Alex Pareene and Tracy Clark-Flory discuss the ethics of celebrity and sexuality

Against Moral Responsibility free ebook