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Jon Stewart is hardly an admirer of Mitt Romney, but he prefers to target the presidential candidate for his ever-shifting political opinions, not for his Mormon faith.


Yeah Samake Is a Mormon Presidential Candidate in Mali Who Promises to Fight Extremism - The Blaze


20. Mormon Mafia Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, the most recognizable Mormon, and Jon Huntsman, US ambassador to China and also a Mormon, created a tight business network they call the “Mormon Mafia.” These guys make sure that the training young Mormon men receive in specific Universities will be put to use later in business.

Romney's Mormon Generation Gap

Mitt Romney 2012 Mormon | PHOTO: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney greets some of ...

Everything You Need to Know About the New Mormon Presidential Candidate

~~The Mormon Way of Doing Business: How Nine Western Boys Reached the Top of Corporate America :: The Founder of JetBlue. The former CEO of Dell Computers. The CEO of Deloitte & Touche. The former Dean of the Harvard Business School - and now a US Presidential candidate in Mitt Romney. They all have one thing in common. They are devout Mormons who work long hours but always spend their Sundays exclusively with their families, and always put their spouses and children first. How do they do…


Imagine if what has been said about independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and Mormons had been said about a Jewish candidate.