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8 Affirmations to Say Every Morning before Getting Up

Positive Affirmations to Say Every Morning before Getting Up. I know it sounds corny but it can work - through the science of Neuroplasticity (the way the brain makes new neural pathways)." [[ Don't know if this works! Tell me, if you try it! AM]]

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Discover you power and empower your life! This 20" x 16" poster is a way to start your day! What follows your "I AM's" sets the tone and direction for your day and your life.

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Today - Infinite possibilities - Creative abundance - I expect miracles #GabrielleBernstein Click->

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The thoughts you go to sleep with are the most critical thoughts of your day. Make them positive, loving and of gratitude. You will be amazed how well you'll sleep, and how fantastic your morning and day will be tomorrow. Smile & Share!

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Morning Affirmations for a GREAT day! <3 set yourself up for #happiness #positivity and the ability to face any challenge knowing you have the strength within you. For more, listen to my iTunes podcasts - look for Jane Jackson Careers on iTunes - sending love and light ☀️

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