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Top 13 Foods High in Vitamin B1 • Vitamin B, known as Thiamine, can help keep mosquitos away and help autoimmune disease

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malaria. no one wants this disease that kills people - 2000-1500 kids a day- just because they were born in the wrong place. Lets stop it. We can in 3 years if we try!

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Here we discuss Remedy resonance for Dengue. Please consult a qualified homeopath for your condition. She will prescribe the right remedy based on your similimum.

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Malaria Is The 'Greatest Success Story In Global Health': Nonprofit

Malaria Is The 'Greatest Success Story In Global Health': Nonprofit

This epidemiological image shows the mode of transmission, incidence, treatment and screening methods in regards to malaria. It gives statistics and also shows what is being done on the public health level to decrease incidence.

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Holy Basil (not the same as the common seasoning) is the natural counterpart to those commonly prescribed drugs for arthritic pain & inflammation associated with fibromyalgia. Holy Basil inhibits the production of the Cox-2 enzyme primarily responsible for inflammation pain. It does so WITHOUT any side effects. It's been used in India for ages, plus it's great for depression & energy levels

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Malaria is an infectious disease that is caused by mosquito-borne plasmodium parasite which infects the red blood cells. It’s one of the deadliest diseases in India.