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Top 10 Exclusive & Rare Foods

Almas "diamond" cavier, so rare and expensive because the Beluga fish takes over 20 years to mature, and are rare to come by. They are the oldest survivors however, of the dinosaur era. They cost $8,000 to $15,000 a pound. Waiting list is 4 years.


Top 10 Exclusive & Rare Foods -

Almas Caviar (Price: 25k per kilo) Coming from Iran, this kind of white caviar would be the ultimate in luxury items. It’s not a joke, just look at the price of the food. It even comes in a 24-carat gold tin can. You can’t believe that some people will buy this. Well, they do.

from Mail Online

Dessert, sir? That'll be £22,000 please... Lake District restaurant whips up the world's most expensive pudding

Cadbury, eat your heart out: This dessert is made with four different types of finest Belgian chocolate and dressed with champagne caviar and gold leaf. The piece de resistance is a two-carat diamond Bella Donna


The Tsukiji fish market — or 篔°Ã¥Å“°å¸”šÃ¥Â ´ for those of you in the know — is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. The market handles hundreds of types of seafood from sardines to 500lb tuna, from cheap seaweed to the most expensive caviar.