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eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible - Sinful

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'Mystical Daydream' MOTHER LODE 1970s Soft Deerskin Handmade Leather Jacket

Item Description:If only we knew the entire history of this stellar vintage jacket. We do know this... it's too good to be true, and yet somehow here it is, true and real and holy shit it exists with us here and we can't stop looking...and touching..and daydreaming. Seriously, though, we've got a fine work of art on our hands, with handmade deerskin leather jacket from the mid 1970s and has been brought out from hiding after many many, MANY years. It is branded on the interior leather near the waist with the number "9", has gorgeously detailed symmetrical painted motifs from the sleeves to the backside, with two toned creamy soft leather, lined with the classic 1970s whipstitch lacing, 3 symmetrical base metal longhorn skulls on both lapel sides, and check out that fringe! The subtle difference in color from front to back of each piece gives the most insane dimension and, WOW, a novels worth of wonderful comments could be said about the quirks and features of this supple leather jacket. But, all you really have to do is stare. It speaks for itself.  Condition: Uneven and very uniquely aging shown by color variations from fading and unknown factors, giving the leather a marbled look, mostly seen and felt on the sleeves where leather is slightly less soft to the touch. No rips, no tears, no loose trim, completely intact and silky soft interior lining, overall very good condition.Label:Brand: Unmarked, handmade, branded "9" on the interior leatherSize: UnmarkedFiber Content: Deerskin leatherMeasurements laying flat:Bust: 18"Waist: 16.5"Length: 22"Sleeves: 22" Best Fits:XS/S  


Gold : Au Pocket Belt Region, Mother Lode Belt, Tuolumne Co., California, USA Wire of gold. Former Jasun McAvoy collection. Rolf Luetcke specimen and photo.


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RARE specimen of Native Gold with Pyrite crystals on Quartz from the Mother Lode!


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eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible (Solid Black)


The Mother-Lode of Beginner Silhouette Tutorials: A New Gallery

Isn't the term "the mother lode" just so evocative? For some reason, whenever I say it, I think of a climactic moment from my favorite 80s movie, The Goonies. SPOILER ALERT:  The kids have barely e...


Very fine old Mother Lode crystalline-gold specimen. Sold in the 1950s for $65; more recently for $12,500.