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the arrow is the representation that you get pulled back before moving forward. the semicolon is the option to stop but the choice to keep going and infinity is always & forever..


30 Motivational Quotes For Women About Life Make more room for love. Start here: Every audiobook and ebook is 50% off with promo code april50. This is what life is all about. Overcoming and rising above. Being gutsy enough to face your own shadow. Dealing with what life throws your way with grace and strength and using your lessons to thrive. I was born half dead and have the scar to prove it. I moved out on my own at age 14 and traveled and lived all over the…


In time, it will stop hurting

In time, it will stop hurting [42/365] - cynthia go, quotes, words, heartbreak, love, quotes on moving on, letting go, pain, quotes about him, breakup quotes, tumblr, prose, poetry