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Mr Twit beard. Could use bin bags and wool for the beard and get the kids to draw disgusting things to put in it.


Christoph Waltz, what an amazing actor i love this man. Basically any movie he's in he turns it a masterpiece. God bless you man.


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Who needs to endure that awkward in between period when you can have the ThinkGeek :: Mr. Beard® Beard Machine. (hehe)

Ryan Crane - full thick beard mustache beards bearded man men mens' style clothing fashion vintage landrover defender #beardsforever


Set of 2 Mrs. Lips & Mr. Beard Mugs

Celebrate World Beard Day by painting a Magnificent Mug to go with that Magnificent Beard. You think it up, we can help you paint it - Have fun with your pottery at Pottery By You!


What a lot of hairy-faced men there are around these days - and in Movember you may spy more Twits than usual. Use the template to make your very own twit beard and tie it on with some elastic or string. You could colour it in or make it really disgusting with bits of wool, dried pasta and cornflakes just like Mr Twit in Roald Dahl's story. If you make this with your chiddlers then tweet your pictures to @puffinbooks!