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Agree. Many more fitting names for him, but not Mr. president. I also call him "the Donald" as it reminds me of Donald Duck, who reminds me of Trump, aka Crump, Trumpette, and Frump.

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He was uncoordinated, but the fact that my ward held a gun in his hands and that the said gun was pointed at me was still a problem. I was just glad that his parents weren't home. @ProfessorPigeon

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Funniest Trump Transition Memes: Puppet of the Year

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Bloom and Doom (A Bridal Bouquet Shop Mystery) by Beverly Allen, April 2014

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Mr Freeze quote. Victor Fries. Legion of Doom. GothCorp. Heart of Ice. DC Comics.

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Yes, the Doctor Doom to my Mr. Fantastic. The Dr. Octopus to my Spider-Man. The Dr. Sivana to my Captain Marvel... You know, it's amazing how many supervillains have advanced degrees. Graduate schools should do a better job of screening those people out.

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It has always worked for me

this is true, and that's part of the reason that i don't get scared of horror movies with aliens, because it's scarier to think that a human can harm and hurt another humab.

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