Jessie Wilcox Smith cottage garden. Beautiful foxgloves, delphiniums and hollyhocks. Lovely!

The Flowers - Jesse Wilcox Smith illustration from A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson, 1905

making metamorphic rock with Starburst candy

Adventures of Ms. Smith: All About Rocks: Edible Rocks! - I liked the Metamorphic Rock Idea

Adventures of Ms. Smith: Multiplication Scoot (Freebie!)

I love the game scoot, but I can in NO way take the credit for it. I found it over during my internship and adapted it to meet my needs. If you kno.

Ms. Smith's Interactive Notebook - doing this especially for the factoring/multiples concepts. I always get that mixed up.  Love that she uses visuals with the letters to help in remembering.

Interactive Math Notebook-Factors and Multiples. Really like some of these journal pages.maybe I should be doing math journals!