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23 People Who Have Absolutely No Chill

Muffy from Arthur. | 23 People Who Have Absolutely No Chill


Arthur and friends (buster, Francine, Muffy, The Brain, D.W, Nadine & Mr. Ratburn

Muffys speed dial! (From "Muffy's New Best Friend") How funny that Francine's is the first number listed above fire, police and ambulance.


Muffy and Friends Cookies


Muffy Learns About Hanukkah


19 Times "Arthur" Was The Most Savage Show That Ever Existed

When Muffy blatantly called Francine ugly:

Arthur Favorites 1 Ages 4-7 Go on 3 new adventures with Arthur! Find out why D.W. isn't telling her friends the truth about ice skating and how Muffy gets charitable. Discover what Arthur does when a book's missing its final pages, and how D.W. learns to be less bossy. See why the kids get wrapped up in class ranking and how Brain breaks his fixation on a favorite show. (81-minute video


ARTHUR s5 10 2 Muffy Gets Mature - YouTube

why does Muffy have so many sandwiches?


Principled; Arthur and the True Francine (An Arthur Adventure) by Marc Brown. Francine and Muffy are good friends until Muffy lets Francine take the blame for cheating on a test.