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Multi Coloured Salopettes

from Inside Out Style

9 Real Life Examples of Dressing to Your Contrast

So as someone with lighter colouring overall, she’s better wearing the light to medium value colours together, rather than too many deep or dark colours. Then she needs to wear at least 2 colours with her neutrals, an easy way to do this is with multi-coloured patterns.

Spread brings to you this multi coloured double bedsheet set, which is made from cotton. Its bright colours will add to the overall look of your bedroom making it look as classy as possible.


floor. looks good with our color furniture too. the light shades in the wood keep the overall feel from being too dark.


This is a true stashbuster project, using up all those oddments of yarn. Be bold with your colour choices – you'll be surprised what works! I have suggested a number of yarns which were included in my original project, but really this is the perfect opportunity to use up all those odds and ends you can't bear the throw away. Mix cottons, wool and man made fibres, be bold with colours - think of traditional granny square blankets where a myriad of colours are used and yet the overall effect…


Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with this colourfully miss matched cutlery set. The perfect complement to your modern kitchen or romantically rustic table spread, it teams perfectly with white porcelain crockery and coloured glass goblets. Product: 4 Forks 4 Knives4 Teaspoons 4 TablespoonsConstruction Material: Metal and plasticColour: Pink, blue, orange, gren, red, yellow and silverDimensions: 22.5 cm H x 9 cm W x 9 cm D (overall)