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No More 'Final Fantasy 11'? Multiplayer Online Game Shut Down After 14 Years -


Top Ten Massive Multiplayer Online Games (Including Free Games) on Facebook

Top Ten Massive Multiplayer Online Games on Facebook ... see more at


No MMO is an island

No MMO is an island: A quick look at Massively Multiplayer Online games; their commonalities, their future.

from VentureBeat

PC online games will hit $30.7B by 2017

Data from Newzoo and Ad2Games shows the massively multiplayer online game market is thriving.

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Coders Combine 70 'Minecraft' Servers Into Massive Online Game

A team of Minecraft modders has connected 70 servers into one enormous world, potentially paving the way for a massively multiplayer online game.


Wakeskater Studio Indie Game Development: Making a Real Time Multiplayer Online Game in NodeJS (Part 1)