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Detailed Guide to The Best Multitrack Recorders. Explains things you need to know such as Simultaneous Recording Tracks, Total Number of Tracks for Mixing, Virtual Tracks, Effects, Export Functions and Additional Features including using your recorder as an Audio Interface. It also includes a list of the most highly rated multitrack recorders with 8, 16, 24 and 32 tracks.


Boss Micro BR BR-80 Digital 8-Track Multitrack Recorder & USB Audio Interface. A multitrack recorder which fits in your pocket and is designed for use by all musicians, but it comes with some special features specifically designed for guitarists including Roland's COSM amp and effect emulators. It operates in 3 modes: 1. MTR - multi-track recorder - 2. eBand - jam along with prerecorded tracks - 3. Live Rec - record using the built-in stereo condenser mic.


100 Greatest Guitarists: David Fricke's Picks

Les Paul, born Lester Polfus, is a guitar inventor as well as a player. He was tinkering with electronics at age twelve and built his first guitar pickup from ham-radio parts in 1934. He was also a pioneer in multitrack recording and a staggeringly talented guitarist.


TASCAM DP-008EX - 8 Track Digital Recorder

Zoom R8 8-Track Digital Recorder - DAW Controller - Audio Interface. Record on 2 tracks simultaneously and mix with 8 simultaneous tracks. Street Price: $299.99. For a detailed guide to digital multitrack recorders see


Mikme Is A Portable, Multitrack Recording Rig J4T Multitrack Recorder: Appstore for Android

Zoom R16 16-Track Digital Recorder. This hardware multitrack recorder can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously and mix 16 tracks simultaneously..It can also be used as an Audio Interface and a DAW Controller. Street Price: $399.99. For a detailed guide to digital multitrack recorders see