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Piriformis Syndrome is inflammation in the piriformis muscle which causes irritation and compression of the sciatic nerve.

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I am here to talk about my pelvic floor. My hypertonic pelvic floor to be precise. I would like to unload some of the information I have learned over the past few weeks of research and physical...

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Extra-ocular muscles that participate in the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR). These muscles are paired with the semi-circular canals of the vestibular system to allow the eyes to maintain stabilized during slow movements of the head.

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The piriformis : how can one little muscle cause so much trouble? Yoga poses and sequences to help with piriformis syndrome -

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Of the three motions, the deltoid acts most powerfully in abduction. The C5 neurologic level supplies sensation to the lateral arm from the summit of the shoulder to the elbow. The purest patch of axillary nerve sensation, pictured here on the right, lies over the lateral portion of the deltoid muscles. This localized sensory area within the C5 dermatome is useful for indicating specific trauma to the axillary nerve, as well as general trauma to the C5 nerve root.

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Origin and distribution of cranial nerves (CN) VI, IV, and III, which innervate extraocular eye muscles. The focus of the upper part of this figure includes the abducens nerve (CN VI) and the general somatic efferent component of the oculomotor nerve (CN III), which are essential for horizontal gaze. The lower part of this figure depicts the muscles of the eye and their relationship with CN III, IV, and VI.

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- Description - Ingredients - About Us Relief has never felt so good! As a cooling/warming sensation eases your tension and pain away, you can rest easy knowing the Muscle Melt Patch is a combination

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