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Loss of muscle mass or also called muscle atrophy is something that can happen to any of us, even then when we take care of our health and we follow a healthy diet. Recent studies have discovered the biological “trigger” that causes the muscle los, and two compounds that can prevent muscle atrophy and restore…

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Are you Suffering from Muscle Atrophy?

Sarcopenia / frailty in motion: As we age our skeletal muscles erode and our bodies begin to weaken. By lifting weights, you can delay this erosion and preserve your strength and physical freedom. So lets stay strong and together lets beat sarcopenia. -

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The Best Way to Build Leg Muscles If You Have Knee Pain

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Exercises for Muscle Atrophy From a Hip Replacement

Having multiple sclerosis can make normal, everyday tasks difficult. From tying your shoes, to writing a letter, you may even struggle with exercise depending on the severity of your symptoms, which ...

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The problem of nerve damage can be dangerous. It can be caused by factors such as autoimmune disease, diabetes, motor neuron disease, nutritional deficiency, trauma, infection and drug side effects. Some symptoms of this condition include pain, weakness, dry eyes and mouth, inflammation, constipation and muscle atrophy. This problem may also result in bladder dysfunction, inability to sense chest pain or heart attack, fasciculation, burning, sensitivity and hyperhidrosis. Use of natural…