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It’s time to throw out that “Miracle Grow”… If you’re serious about making your garden healthier and more organic, by reducing (or completely eliminating) the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers, then here’s a secret “brew” that literally anyone can make at home to take their organic gar

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How to make a lot of compost this winter

How to make a lot of compost this winter - for free. With just 2 ingredients you can have all the compost you need for your spring garden.


Butterfly Puddler. Make your own butterfly puddler by filling a small bowl, dish or flower pot bottom with sand. Add water until the sand is soggy. Make sure the bowl is at least 16″ wide or you will be adding water to it often as it evaporates. The larger size will also allow for more butterflies. Add a tbsp of composted manure or mushroom compost to the sand Add river stones as well as some flat surfaces such as clam shells for the butterflies to sun bathe on.

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[storefront] Mushroom Farm

At Mushroom Farm, a series of installations and experiments demonstrate how coffee grounds can be repurposed to grow rich and healthy oyster mushrooms, instead of being thrown into a traditional waste stream (which in most coffee shops is the norm). When used as compost, the grinds act as a nutrient-rich soil for foods and plants.

from SchneiderPeeps

How to make a lot of compost this winter

Compost is a gardener’s best friend. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive if you have to purchase it.  The cost in my area is about $30 per cubic yard.  I can drive about an hour and a half and get mushroom compost for $10 a cubic yard.  One time there was an incident when I went …