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What Are The Different Types Of Edible Mushrooms and How Do You Use Them?

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14 bizarre and beautiful mushrooms

The turkey tail is considered a medicinal mushroom, and may possibly have positive benefits in protecting against cancer, though this is debated. Description from I searched for this on

The fungus, folding outward, smelled like wet cinnamon and gave to the finger like a baby's cheek or a loaf of rising bread at its peak.

Chlorociboria Aeruginascens is a Saprobic species of mushroom, commonly known as the green elfcup or the green wood cup because of its characteristic small, green, saucer-shaped fruit bodies. Although the actual fruit bodies are infrequently seen, the green staining of wood caused by the fungus is more prevalent.

Jellyfish of the Forest Orange Umbrella (Marasmius Siccus) mushrooms grow tenuously on woody debris, like a cluster of floating jellyfish. Image via- Give Nature a Hand