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Mushroom lamp- Purple five mushroom battery powered light

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This would be awesome for a film or photography project.... >> Make Your Own Magical Mushroom Lights - YouTube

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Yukio Takano : LED Mushroom Lights. These are awesome and hilarious, I love them.

Yukio Takano : LED Mushroom Lights. These are awesome and hilarious, I love them.

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Inspiration Lamp Mushroom Forest Atmosphere brings the atmosphere of your room into the jungle at night, this is an intimate Handcrafted to bring the magical atmosphere to your home by using a translucent white shrooms contain energy efficient Led and supported by two standard AA batteries and a small control on / off switch. Attached to a piece of driftwood their unusual make a real statement piece for your home.

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Mushroom lamps make your bedroom enchanting at night

This is a gallery of the glowing mushroom lamps made by Japanese designer Yukio Takano. They consist of little LED-lit glass mushroom caps growing on a piece of wood. Unfortunately, Yukio only sells the lamps at local festivals because...

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DIY Mushroom Lamps

Turn your room into a magical forest by illuminating it with these psychedelic DIY mushroom lamps. You'll be able to design your very own groovy shrooms and place them anywhere you want a little ambient lighting that won't overpower the room. Far out!

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LED Mushroom Lights by Yukio Takano (Japan). Great idea, now where to purchase the lights in Aus?

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Mushroom Lights by Yukio Takano

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LED Mushroom Lights by Yukio Takano

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