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Spore Collection Techniques – Harvesting Spores From Mushrooms

How to collect mushroom spores. This sounds like an interesting project to do with the kids, or yourself. You can make some unique art, and the article also has a link to teach you how to grow your own mushrooms.

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How to Collect Oyster Mushroom Spores

"How to collect Oyster Mushroom spores, so you can grow your own at home, like I'm doing now! Instead of eating all of my mushrooms, I'll be harvesting spores for the next batch. ♥" -Homesteading share

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Basimycetes Basidiomycetes Schwammpilze Mushroom Spores Vintage Haeckel Print Botanical Victorian Scientific Lithograph

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Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding

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Why Psilocybin Mushrooms are Magically Therapeutic?

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Lots of texture in this picture as well as a beautiful natural pattern, I also love the natural light and neutral colours .

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Beyond the Brush: Inventive Use of Media for Painting Students

Mushroom spore print by Lynn Corsi Bland. As with the fish print above, this mushroom spore print illustrates the beautiful intricacies – and also abstract pattern making – that can be achieved through the printing of found natural and manmade objects.

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