These homemade musical instruments for kids are awesome! Great DIY music instruments for preschoolers and kids - love music activities for children!
Rainstick Craft for Kids (and Science Activity)- Explore sound with a homemade instrument! ~
De La Garza | Archtop 17" x 3" scale 25" nut 1 3/4" top spruce AAAA oval soundhole Back, sides and neck flame maple AAAA, ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, bridge and fingerest flame maple AAAA, finish nitro Kent Armstrong handwound PAF 12 poles pickup and piezo transducer K&K pasive base price 6200 dlls, saludos!!! – 1 of 2
A Nyckelharpa. A traditional swedish instrument that literally means "keyed fiddle". Never seen one but I imagine it sounds as unique as it looks.
peacocks cello --- peacocks are bad luck in our family, but the cello  has been played by every generation
Free printable musical instrument flash cards. These are suitable for teaching reading, ESL, etc. Download them in PDF format at
How to Clean Brass Musical Instruments
DIY Musical Instruments - Homemade Fun for Kids
Valved trumpet in F. Mahillon, Brussels, c 1885, 2321.
The physical appearance of instruments are just as much an art as the music that comes out of them
Great project for your music class!  Kids line up the straws, shortest to longest.  Straw Wind Pipe Instrument!
Luna Guitars Henna Oasis Spruce Series II Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar in Musical Instruments, Guitars & Basses, Electro-Acoustic | eBay
Music: Treble clef composed of instruments AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I loooooooooove it!