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Musk Foundation

The Elon Musk Foundation and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation are helping to fund the Solutions Project, an organization of scientists, business leaders and other forward-thinking minds with a mission of accelerating the world’s transition to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

1 Elon Musk Foundation SpaceX and Tesla Motors both in Los Angeles (Hawthorne)

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At Home With Elon Musk: The (Soon-to-Be) Bachelor Billionaire

At Home With Elon Musk: The (Soon-to-Be) Bachelor Billionaire! This month's cover of Forbes Life; Board member of the X PRIZE Foundation,


Uto Gyoshi (Japanese, active second half of 16th century). Musk Cat, second half of the 16th century. Muromachi period (1392–1573). Japan. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Mary Griggs Burke Collection, Gift of the Mary and Jackson Burke Foundation, 2015 (2015.300.66) | This work is exhibited in the “Celebrating the Arts of Japan: The Mary Griggs Burke Collection” exhibition, on view through January 22, 2017.#AsianArt100


Elon Musk: CEO Tesla (electric car), Chairman SolarCity (leading US solar provider), founder & CEO SpaceX (advanced rockets and spacecraft), co-founder PayPal. Elon is a trustee of the X Prize Foundation and the Musk Foundation, both of which have a strong interest in promoting renewable and environmentally friendly energy technologies.


In therms of sci-fi books, I think Isaac Asimov is really great. I like the Foundation series, probably one of the all-time best. -Elon Musk #Elon Musk #Asimov #Foundation #Science Fiction #Famous Reading Lists


Tesla 創辦人 Elon Musk 身價高達 131 億美元,創造包括線上付款服務、太空運輸公司 SpaceX、太陽能租賃事業 SolarCity,網路黃頁 Zip2 Corporation、線上付款公司 (後來與 PayPal 合併)、軟體服務公司 Everdream Corporation (後來賣給 Dell)、Musk Foundation、Tesla、小型衛星公司 Surrey Satellite Technology 。 QA 網站、線上付款公司 Stripe、DNA 測序公司 (2012 年結束)、Tesla 科學中心、人工智慧公司 Vicarious、另外一家人工智慧公司 DeepMind Technologies (賣給 Google)。 未來生命學院 Future of Life Institute,非營利公司 X Prize Foundation、分析大腦訊號的新創公司 NeuroVigil,最後還有他的超速旅遊系統 Hyperloop。