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Muslim migrants drag and rape female Chinese teen students in Germany - The Geller Report


Muslim bombers planned to kill kindergarteners with poisoned ice cream before blowing up school in Germany - The Geller Report

Maria Ladenburger ... Recently Arrived Migrant Arrested After Rape and Murder of EU Official’s Teen Daughter


Migrants Becoming More Insulted In Germany Not Integrating


Germans are 'strangers in their own country' due to 'Muslim infiltration', study reveals

A THIRD of Germans feel they are strangers in their own country due to an “infiltration by Muslims”, a new study has revealed.


40,000 Christians Persecuted By Muslims In Germany | Sharia Watch UK Ltd.


Syrian man with four wives and 22 kids gets fortune in welfare

from Washington Post

Why millions fear the looming Trump presidency

Someone like hate monger Trump convinced a large minority to blame all their problems on a specific group of people and gained control of the country. Trumps list now includes Muslims and Mexicans and the list will grow. In Germany they said it couldn't happen. in Bosnia they said it couldn't happen. In America we are just seeing the start of what couldn't happen, a racist bigot is our president.

from Muslim Statistics

Germany: Public is kept in the dark about Muslim migrant crime wave – Association of Criminal Police

We reported from German police statistics two years ago that over 3 million Germans have been assaulted by Muslims while over 7,500 have been killed since the Berlin wall fell in 1990. That's more ...