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The Persian word Suzani means needle or needle work. We are all very familiar with Suzanis as table cloths or cushions with their finely embroidered silk threads in vibrant colors. Our canvas is inspired by a 19th Suzani pattern and would be equally lovely as a wall hanging or a small area rug. Meaures 18.5" x 26" on either 14 or 18 mesh mono deluxe needlepoint canvas. We are partial to silk or silk with metallic threads for this piece, but will gladly select appropriate wool, pearle cotton…


Jin, V and J-Hope at the BTS 3rd MUSTER (161112/161113) || I wish I was at this concert. I mean look at how cute they are


V ❤ [Bangtan Trans Video Tweet] 아미 우리 전부 보라색입니다 헿 \ ARMY we're all purple heh (he is referring to what he said at the 3rd MUSTER. Something about that the colour purple means to meet someone and love them for a long time. Obviously he just made that up lol. He's too HANDSOME) #BTS #방탄소년단


This sock is built on a easily remembered 4 stitch, 4 row pattern repeat that works up the top of the foot, and up the whole leg. The use of slipped stitches means this fabric has a nice, fitted and cozy feel, that still stretches to accommodate everything a good pair of socks should!


Pumpkin Quesadillas We eat quesadillas for dinner a lot: I mean A LOT! After a long day of work, it seems that cheesy goodness between two warm tortillas is all I can muster. Of course it helps that you can also add in all kinds of ingredients to a quesadilla such as that leftover steak, or what about the egg and sausage scramble the kids didn’t finish off for breakfast over the weekend? I’ll admit, I never thought about using pumpkin, until now that is! And I can’t wait to try it!


My brother showed me a song but i never really listened to the meaning of the lyrics until he told me he self harmed then i went back and listened to the song and it explains everything


Top 40 Quotes about moving on


Og Mandino - wow, this one hit me hard. Why not treat people in this way? Will you try it with me? #littlethingsbigdiff