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Jonathan Lasker, Worlds of Mutual Exclusion, 1989, oil on canvas, 96×132”. "This was an ordering of a random, subconscious element." -JL


Preparing for Digital Marketing in 2016: An Organizational Optimization Odyssey

The Information Structure of Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithms / B.A. Sanders - ACCES PAYANT

A simple taxonomy for distributed mutual exclusion algorithms / M. Raynal - ACCES PAYANT

Words Of Mutual Exclusion 1989 - Jonathan Lasker


Two threads interacting with a reference cell- why we need mutual exclusion

12. • Funkcje API - Mutex; jedna instancja bazy MS Access Aby uniemożliwić użytkownikowi otwarcie drugiej instancji bazy MS Access możemy wykorzystać mechanizmy służące do synchronizacji procesów, czyli algorytmy wzajemnego wykluczania (w skrócie mutex, z ang. mutual exclusion). Aby stworzyć mutex należy wywołać funkcję CreateMutex(...), która tworzy go, a funkcja GetLastError zwraca wartość ERROR_SUCCESS=0. Jeśli mutex już istnieje, funkcja GetLastError zwraca wartość ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS…

The channels demonstrate a mutual exclusion between where locals and visitors can find event information, the nature of those events, and wh...


"Kindness Changes Everything" was performed by children to inspire children all around the world to embrace kindness as a way of life. The video is used as part of the Ripple Kindness Project for Schools, a positive psychology curriculum that offers opportunities for children to experience the difference kindness makes to their thoughts, feelings and actions. By creating kinder communities, we naturally reduce the incidence of bullying and exclusion.