Don't lead me on if you don't like me this is why I didn't want to have a crush again because I pick the worst guys my first was a fuckboy the second turned out to be gay and now you're a lier I like when we talk and the way you make me feel but i hate when you make me feel confused by broken_lonely_souls

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This is what my husband gave me for 30 years! Your love will live in my heart forever and I will love and miss you forever!

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My favorite album of all time. Elvis Costello - "My Aim Is True." Seriously, if you haven't heard it, go do it. It's life-changing. Pay It Back has been my ringtone for like 3 years.

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My Aim is True, Elvis Costello - Costello on the fuel for his debut: "I spent a lot of time with just a big jar of instant coffee and the first Clash album, listening to it over and over." The music doesn't have the savage attack of the Clash; after all, Costello's backing band was Clover, which would later evolve into Huey Lewis and the News. But songs such as "Mystery Dance" and "(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes" have plenty of verbal bite, and the ballad "Alison" is a poisoned…

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I love this quote because not only is it from a movie we saw together but because I know this is true. We're at a point in our lives to where some things aren't going to make sense because we're changing.. And apart. What's not changing is my love for you. Like you told me, my love for you seems to be growing. When you smile at me through snap or FaceTime or send me a sweet good morning text, I fall deeper in love with you.. We don't even have to see each other. Just baby stay with me

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love this (other than the ridiculous portrait thing). Yarn storage is much better than what I currently have going on.

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