My cabbages

Avatar the Last Airbender

Are You The Avatar?

Oh No, My Cabbages! Avatar the last Airbender

Oh No, My Cabbages!

Esses repolhos sofreram tanto que já podem escrever uma biografia(e aposto que viraria best seller em uma semana)

MY CABBAGES! >>> OMG me and my brother always yell that out loud and we end up making each other laugh

My cabbages! The Last Airbender was so awesome. Can't wait for Legend of Korra book 2!

My cabbages!

Funny pictures about Avatar Wisdom. Oh, and cool pics about Avatar Wisdom. Also, Avatar Wisdom.

cucumber and napa cabbage coleslaw - Healthy Seasonal Recipes

Cucumber and napa cabbage coleslaw

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Avatar: The Last Airbender - Cabbage Corp.

"My Cabbages!!" I didn't realize how much this poor guy was in the series. lol

Sometimes I feel like I have a lot in common with that cabbage guy.