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My canvas My paints My world Мой холст.Мои краски. Это мой мир✨

My canvas💙 My paints🎨 My world🌍 Мой холст. Это мой мир✨ Olga Noskova is a cake maker from Ufa, Russia, who creates these beautiful handmade cakes. The cakes she makes are incredibly unique.

Tembea School Bag: This piece has a simplistic design that offers the option of using it as either a traditional rucksack or single strap tote as you can pull the leather handles through the loops thus making them longer. This speaks quality and simplicity in volume, features one main compartment with the handles acting as a fastener when pulled tight.

Tembea School Bag

I started with a large Canvas from Michael's. I used Painter's tape to create a flower stencil (it's easier to do than you think and saved me a lot of $, versus buying a stencil). I let my little one paint with yellows and oranges (to match the bedding in my room). I let it dry and peeled the tape off. It now hangs above my bed :)

Painter's tape to create a flower stencil (it's easy and less expensive) Paint with yellows and oranges). Let dry and peel the tape off.

It all started a few months ago when I ventured into something new... which was designing bottle cap sized (1") printables!  I had seen them made up with beads online - but had NO CLUE where to begin.

How to Make BEADED Bottle Cap Key Chains! (My Computer is My Canvas)

Never tried epoxy stickers and bottle caps. Looks like fun project. How to make BEADED Bottle Cap Key Chains. simple wire loop tutorial, how to use jump rings.

(Open Rp) wjy am I like this. Everyday stuck in darkness, any bit of bright light burning my body, she was my only bit of joy. When she came to visit I felt the darkness lift away

(Open RP) (I'm the girl that walks in) I kneel down in front of my canvas again…

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