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'If Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket,' former congressman tweets

Former Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh said speaking of "acts of civil disobedience."

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Ex-congressman: 'If Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket' -

Update: Joe Walsh Backs Off Abortion Comment: During a heated debate Thursday, Congressman Joe Walsh said advances in medicine made it so there are no longer cases when an abortion would be necessary to save the life of a mother. Story:

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Former Republican congressman: 'I'm grabbing my musket' if Trump loses the election

Shocking to imagine that a Republican congressman is calling for Palestinians to have second-class citizenship in a land far away from ours, but here's Joe Walsh, whose district swings Democratic and includes a lot of Chicago's northwestern...

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, was unequivocal when WND asked him, “What makes you so certain that Hillary Clinton lied?” "because" he replied "I heard her with my own ears." “Because,” King replied...

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Republican Congressman Demands The Court Overturn Stanford Sexual Assailant's "Pathetic" Sentence

"As a grandfather, I want to know that my granddaughters are growing up in a society that has zero tolerance for this crime," Rep. Ted Poe said. "No means no."

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Joe Walsh defends “If Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket” tweet: “It means protesting”

A former Illinois congressman said Friday he's standing by a Twitter post he sent after the fatal shooting of police officers in Dallas in which he said President Barack Obama should "Watch out" and "Real America is coming after you."

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Steve King: I Was Being 'Kind' By Referring To Obama's Guest As 'Deportable'

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa): "I decided I’m going to soften my language a little bit, and I did, and they’re still offended."... "They want to live in a perpetual state of outrage. They're constantly scanning something they can be outraged against." [Is he mistakenly talking about his own party?]

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A Capital Under Slavery's Shadow

Sheriff's Sale of Free Negroes-Ad in the Alexandria Gazette, Feb. 25, 1861.