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With every fiber of my being. DJ


Halstead: I'm always gonna owe u, man. U brought me into the unit. I just hope I did u proud. Antonio: I brought u on because u were dating my sister. I thought u were gonna be family. If I knew u were gonna break up with her, I'd have stuck u at the guard shack Halstead: Timing's everything. Antonio: Knowing the cop u've become Knowing that u're here That made it easy for me to take the investigator's job. Halstead: Well, I appreciate it, man. Antonio: Love u, bro. Halstead: Love u, too…


Funny Pics That Will Surely Crack You Up

Spike: Oh shoot Spark! Look it's officer Bark! *German Sheperd looks over* Spark:RUN!! *Drags owner down street hopelessly*