Girlfriends. The best kind of free therapy!
.HAAHAHAHA How I am with my friends girlfriend. Im like what da heck your to young for a serious relationship let me break this up lol
Every time I see my crush and his girlfriend        Story of my life
Great gift for girlfriends! I hand painted my friends their favorite flower on a $1 wine glass!  By Rachel M
Doing this with my boyfriend ♥
This thing that you must now go reblog: | 22 Deeply Accurate Tumblr Posts About…
FRIENDSHIP ROSE - an original poem about friendship written by Pamela Randolph (Arizona Poet Lady)
It's so hard to wish so much that someone could see themselves the way you see them
Cute text messages to my girlfriend, texts, text, relationship.
My best guy friend tristen actually did that. He lives in freaking Oklahoma and he still chose me over his now ex. He called me and told me that he love me more and that no one was ever going to tell him not to talk me. -Cc
"My crush is my best friend. His girlfriend treats him  horribly. Yesterday he said they broke up. Then we locked eyes for a long time. He said, "Why haven't I seen you until now?" WHAT? WHAT?? GAHH ❤️"
My girlfriend is on her period...   I'm in the corner throwing Herseys kisses at her.
"I will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love."   -Literally me as a girlfriend