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Here at last is the long awaited tutorial that I've been promising you all. I am so delighted that my blankets have inspired many of you...Thanks so xox ☆ ★


My Granny's Old-Fashioned Biscuits

My Granny's Old-Fashioned Biscuits .... HERE THEY ARE!!! My Grandma's biscuits!!! looks JUST like them!!! THANK YOU Elaine!!!! BLESS YOU!!! i'm making these!!!


Granny Women - Healing and Magic in Appalachia

Granny Women - healing and magic in Appalachia Interesting article on Granny Women, but I have to say that none of the grannies in my family knew what a Tarot deck was and if they did, they would have considered it a thing of the devil.


My Granny’s Chocolate Cobbler


Love the motorcycle guy on the back of the Fisher Price Little People camper. My Granny had this camper and the motorcycle for us to play with!