Four Generations. .. I created this picture for my granny's 90th birthday party. My cousin and I bought the frames and put a solid color in them and had each person hold the frames. After all pictures were taken, I used Photoshop to put the pictures in the frame, and returned the frames. My granny had no clue why she was in my aunt and uncles backyard holding an empty frame!

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Chart for Granny Stripe Blanket with Pattern. I have already charted my own pattern by hand, but this one is so much prettier, and it looks to be pretty much what I have done.

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Multiple sized granny square afghan. This is sort of what I am going to do with all the different size squares I have crochetted up already :) I love the multiple yarn color idea here !!!!

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Tasty Kitchen Blog: My Granny's Chocolate Cobbler. Guest post by Amy Johnson of She Wears Many Hats, recipe submitted by TK member Susan Hawkins.

Woven Circles trivet- crochet free pattern with tutorial. A note: I had a friend, years ago, and her mother made me one of these...I loved it!! Used it for years. Thanks to this tutorial; maybe I can make one now.

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Finally see what I was doing wrong with my granny squares.. Granted my way working but there was always a twist in the starting of the next row. Now seeing this I see what I was doing wrong!!

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