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Teenager Post 101 - 200

more like when you sing a song you haven't listened to since you were really young and all of a sudden the lyrics just flow out of your mouth like no problem:

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Mongolian girl with camel... makes my heart burst, I sooo love this!

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god I’m fucking laughing we thought the first time Victor really noticed Yuri was after he posted the video but nope it was when Yuri got fucking smashed, had a dance off that included him vs Yurio, hitting the pole with Chris, and dancing with Victor himself. …And then it looks like he humped Victor’s leg a bit and was like drunkenly MY FAMILY RUNS A HOT SPRING COME HERE SOMETIME ALSO PLEASE COME BE MY COACH :D And Yuri didn’t remember any of it, Drunk!Yuri came through for his sober self.

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Classic Black Lab Maneuver

Classic Black Lab Maneuver

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{The Golden Girls} ~ Blanche - "Dorothy, this is crazy! Since when do you care how you look?" ~ Dorothy - "I think it started when I came down form the bell tower and had my hump fixed!"

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Dalton - located at Richland County Dog Warden in Mansfield, Ohio - Young Male Pit Bull mix - I came to the shelter as a stray on 4/16/16. The folks who found me had children and I did fine with them. I am a big guy with lots of energy. When I was tested with other dogs, my hair stood up a little and I was dominant and wanted to hump the other dogs. It doesn't look like my owner is looking for me, but their loss is your gain. Come on in and meet me and see what you think.

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